Our Journey

Follow our story from the day we got the keys to our grand opening!

Finding Our Home: Day One

This is our fantastic journey from day one to our grand opening.

We spent a long time looking at available storefronts in Old Town Spring before we finally found what was to become our amazing new home on Gentry, just behind the Doll Hospital. It was love at first sight!

We signed our contract and were handed the keys on May 15th, 2016.

Unlocking the Magic

As we expected, there was a lot of work to be done to make this gorgeous little store our own. It’s true, there was a lot of fixes that had to be made before we could even think about decorating and making the store our own.

As we turned the key in the lock, this is what we found.

Week One: Creating Our Baby

Once we had patched and cleaned up a little, it was time to get to work getting the store to our liking. We chose our color scheme (purple, of course!) and set to work painting, decorating and just making the place feel like our new home.

Getting Settled

With the paint work done and wall treatments completed, it was finally time to start moving in some furniture, shelving and little bits and bobs. Organizing where we were going to put things was fun, if not a little frustrating…trying to make sure everything fit, but we did it.

Finally, we started to feel as though we were making our little store our own.

Weeks 3 & 4: Almost There!

Weeks three and four went by in a flash! Our decor was done, and our signature door was pained the most gorgeous purple we’d ever seen. Our shelves were in place and now it was time to stock up!

It took the help of some really great family and friends to help us get our items all together and make a start getting the place ready.

Signing in and Signing Up

With opening day just around the corner, it was time to let folks know where our new home was to be. Our lovely signs went up and we saw a lot of people stopping by and trying the door, hoping this hip and happening little store was open. Unfortunately, we had to disappoint then as we were still adding the final touches.